Android-based Prototype of Automated Cloth Hanger Using Arduino


  • Sanji Muhammad Sidik STMIK "AMIKBANDUNG"
  • Hermawaty Hermawaty STMIK "AMIKBANDUNG"



Automatic clothesline, Arduino Uno, LDR sensor, Water sensor, DC motor


Clothesline that is used in the community is still in the form of a manual so that the community must raise it directly. People
who have more interests or who work may not have to raise clothes directly so they have to leave their more important work. When
traveling or there are other jobs the community is still confused how to pick up clothesline with changing weather. From these problems,
a prototype model of automatic clothesline was built using Android-based Arduino, this is to simplify and shorten the time in lifting
clothesline or drying clothes when our weather changes. Having designed an automatic clothesline using Android-based Arduino. In
this study, the Arduino UNO microcontroller functions as a data processing center obtained from the LDR sensor to detect light, uses
a water sensor to detect rainwater and uses a DC motor to move the clothesline out / in, and uses the Bluetooth HC-05 module to move
the clothesline with Android. The test results show that this tool works well, when the device is turned on the sensor will check the
weather outside whether the weather is sunny or rainy. When the weather is sunny or hot outside, the clothesline will automatically
come out and if the weather outside is raining, the clothesline will automatically go inside. When the sensor does not function or has
trouble the automatic clothesline can be controlled via a smartphone that is connected to the Bluetooth HC-05 module.


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Sidik, S. M., & Hermawaty, H. (2019). Android-based Prototype of Automated Cloth Hanger Using Arduino. Journal of Information Technology, 1(2), 51–58.